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About Simplify Nutrition

- Who We Help -

Managing (or preventing) a medical diagnosis such as high cholesterol, IBS, or elevated blood sugars can be stressful and overwhelming. Optimizing your goals of weight management or sports nutrition can also be challenging without support. Our aim at Simplify is to make evidence based nutrition counseling
by Registered Dietitian's more accessible through virtual-based services at competitive pricing. This includes our philosophy of a healthy relationship to food, and using food holistically to support your health. We want to simplify your nutrition.

- Challenges Our Clients Face -

Nutrition misinformation is everywhere online, but nutrition needs differ between individuals, as do the everyday practicalities of implementing a new health strategy - Motivated individuals need a trained, compassionate professional they can trust to provide practical support and personalized recommendations.

- The Solution -

At Simplify Nutrition, our team of
 Registered Dietitians are experts on nutrition education and counseling in health and disease. They work with you to create personalized nutrition strategies to optimize your health. For example, it's often not just the "what" of foods, but also "why, when, how, and even where" you eat that impacts our habits. Time-saving tricks, mindful eating, meal prep and planning - these are just some of the ways we can provide tailored support.

We empower our clients through education and counseling on the role of nutrition in health and disease. We listen and help goals of our clients by providing
holistic evidence-based nutrition counseling. Owner Daniel Neuman RD MSc also provides
international cooking classes, and workplace wellness workshops.

Please note: Registered Dietitian services are covered under many insurance providers.
We also offer sliding scale pricing options for those without (please inquire).

Looking forward to working together!


Daniel Neuman

Founder and Owner of Simplify Nutrition

I am a Registered Dietitian providing nutrition counseling in Alberta and Canada. I completed my education in Canada and Germany, completing three separate academic degrees in Canada and Germany in Nutrition, Immunology, and Medical research. I have a culinary background in international cuisine, and teach cooking classes to individuals and groups. I am also a certified yoga teacher, and believer in a holistic and mindful approach to health.

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Book With Daniel

Nutrition in Inflammation, disease prevention and management, digestive health

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International Themed Cooking Classes


Nutrition in Inflammation, disease prevention and management, digestive health

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We Are Hiring

Registered Dietitians,
Want to work with us?

Simplify Nutrition is looking for passionate, client-centered dietitians to do corporate health and wellness events and virtual nutrition counseling. If you think you would be a great addition to our team, please get in touch!

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