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Virtual Nutrition Counseling
by Registered Dietitians


Simplifying Nutrition Science for Health and Longevity 

Evidence-Based Medical Nutrition Education 
Practical Meal Planning Support  
Precision Nutrition
Cooking Classes

Our Expertise
Where We Help Clients

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Achieve your weight management goals with our results-driven nutrition education and counseling, tailored for effective and sustainable progress.

Weight Management

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Seeking expert guidance to optimize and prevent chronic disease? Whether for yourself or your family, consider the invaluable investment of booking with a registered dietitian. Explore the world of nutrition and elevate your health journey today.

General Health

From fibre types to probiotics, elevate your heart health with our evidence-based nutrition education and counseling, tailored for cholesterol management.

Cholesterol Management

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"Delve into the forefront of personalized nutrition, including comprehensive analysis of genetic factors influencing dietary needs. Embark on a transformative journey guided by a registered dietitian, utilizing advanced precision data to optimize your health outcomes."

Nutrigenomics and Precision Nutrition

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Seeking precise blood sugar management strategies, including Type 2 diabetes prevention or control? Consult with a registered dietitian for expert medical guidance tailored to your needs.

Blood Sugars & Diabetes

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"Struggling with IBS or IBD symptoms like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and abdominal pain? Seek relief and management with the specialized support of a registered dietitian. We are experts in these areas."

DigestiveDisorders (IBS. IBD)

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"Seeking evidence-based solutions for bone health and osteoporosis prevention or management? Trust in the expertise of a registered dietitian to provide tailored guidance aligned with the latest scientific research and best practices."

Bone Health & Osteoporosis

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"Seeking impactful, evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle strategies to manage high blood pressure? Harness the expertise of a registered dietitian for personalized guidance rooted in the latest medical research and clinical standards."

High Blood Pressure

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"Enhance your workouts with expert nutrition guidance. Partner with a dietitian to discover optimal food choices, timing, and nutrients for peak performance. Elevate your fitness routine with personalized strategies tailored to your goals."

Sports Nutrition

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A diet focused on whole foods, healthy fats, diverse antioxidant types and low in processed sugars can help mitigate or reverse fatty liver disease by reducing fat buildup in the liver and promoting its healing? We can help! 

Fatty Liver Disease

How Simplify Nutrition is Different

Virtual nutrition consulting through a holistic lens

"Nutrition isn't just about what you eat—it's a dynamic interplay of many factors. With our client-centered approach, we craft personalized, evidence-based nutrition strategies that seamlessly integrate into your unique lifestyle."

Nutritional Cooking

Nutrition Services

Book an Appointment

Starting with a nutrition assessment

Nutrition Plans

Invest in your health and enhance outcomes with accountability 

Learn how to cook delicious international foods or book a nutrition workshop

Technology based nutrition supports*

*available on select plans. Please inquire.

Nutrition tracking and analysis

Personalized meal planning

Enhanced accountability and practical strategies for goal setting

What past clients have said...


Sports nutrition

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“I had the pleasure of connecting with Daniel for advice on sport nutrition in preparation of my first marathon. Daniel’s knowledge of sport nutrition is extensive and his ability to tailor this knowledge for his clients’ use is invaluable. Daniel’s programming and advice provided me nutrition concepts and practices that served me well in my performance and recovery while training. I
am happy to say that I will continue to leverage the knowledge Daniel has shared with me in preparation
for future marathons.”

Plans to Fit Your Style

Most Insurance Plans for Registered Dietitian
Sliding Scale Pricing if No Insurance


Three Month Plan

Need Accountability? Kickstart your journey to better health with Simplify Nutrition's Three Month Health Contract. This comprehensive plan includes a nutrition assessment by a registered dietitian, followed by three 60-minute appointments to provide ongoing support and guidance. In addition, you'll receive exclusive resources such as personalized meal plans and nutrient tracking and analysis, setting you up for success in creating lasting change.

Six Month Plan

Are you ready to take charge of your health and well-being? With our six month health contract at Simplify Nutrition, you'll receive exclusive priority access to your dietitian, enhanced meal planning support, and cutting-edge technology-based services like AI-based nutrient tracking software. This plan is perfect for those who thrive on accountability and have a sincere desire to transform their health. Our package includes 7 virtual appointments, along with access to our team via SMS/WhatsApp for any questions or concerns.

One Year Plan

Achieve your wellness goals with our One Year Plan, which includes a comprehensive Nutrition Assessment and a Nutrigenomics Analysis worth $700. With eight additional personalized nutrition appointments, daily support through WhatsApp/SMS, and access to technology-based nutrition resources, Simplify Nutrition ensures you have all the tools and guidance you need for a healthier and happier you. Start your journey to better health with us today!

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